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Rabbi Fights Feds to Keep Medical Marijuana Dispensary Open

Here is a video from Reason.TV showcasing Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn of Washington, DC’s struggle to keep his dispensary open in the face of being harassed by the federal government. (thanks for the video post!): —-

“”[The federal government] should know who is a pot dealer and who is not. For them to pretend otherwise is ridiculous,” says Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn. Kahn, an ordained rabbi who has served congregations for over 30 years, is opening a medical marijuana dispensary in Washington, D.C. this summer alongside his wife. Kahn says the federal government has made it impossible for him to get a bank account for his small business.

Medical marijuana is legal in D.C. and 18 states, but it’s still illegal under federal law. This means that even though Kahn is abiding by D.C. law, banks won’t work with his business for fear of losing FDIC protection–or worse. Kahn says he has not been able to open a bank account with any financial institution. If he is forced to be a cash-only business, he will be more vulnerable to crime and IRS auditing.

About 4 minutes.

Produced by Amanda Winkler. Shot by Todd Kranin and Winkler. Narrated by Kranin. Additional help by Joshua Swain.”

Colorado and Washington vote to Legalize Marijuana

In a historical, unprecedented election Tuesday – Colorado and Washington state residents voted to legalize marijuana for individuals over the age of 21 (and Massachusetts passed medical marijuana!)   What kind of implications will this have on the DEA and the Feds who have been attacking medical marijuana programs across the country for years?  This is a huge blow to their campaign against cannabis.   For patients, and others who just enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, this is a fantastic victory!   A HUGE thank you to the activists in California who got the ball rolling in 2010 with their proposition.   Because of California’s efforts, Colorado and Washington are now making the bold step to legalize cannabis!


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