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Linda reviews the Wickie Pipe Lighter – (psst, its awesome) – older review

Here’s my video review for the Wickie Pipe Lighter!  This is another old video that I couldn’t seem to find on my page, so I thought I’d upload it here.  A lot of you loved this piece, and with great reason – it’s awesome!

With this, you have everything in one piece – a pipe, a built-in lighter, and a stash spot.  This is the perfect portable pipe and at a price that’s nice to your wallet.

You can find the Wickie Pipe online at

From the website:

“Wickie Pipe Lighter offers a flip up acrylic mouth piece that opens up to a 90 degree angle, and the tobacco bowl found at the opposite end. The metal-flap bowl cover properly secures the tobacco when finished smoking and prevents unwanted spills. The secret tobacco compartment can be found underneath the acrylic mouth piece attached to the body for storing extra tobacco. Clean and maintain your Wickie Pipe Lighter with ease. Simply remove the screw that attaches the pipe portion to the lighter, pull the mouthpiece off the bowl and drop it in your favorite cleaner. Refill Wickie Pipe Lighter with regular butane gas, adjust the flame control to desired level and enjoy your day.”

Linda reviews the Fumo Pipe (older reviews from 2012)

Here is an older review I did for the Fumo Pipe after realizing it wasn’ t online anywhere!  This the the Fumo Pipe! Unbreakable, made of Billet aluminum and polycarbonate – not only safe to smoke from, but enjoyable too due to the cooled smoke and greater control over smoke intake. Can also be used as a vaporizer with any of the “herb irons” out there, making it even better!

You can find the Fumo Pipe online at many different retailers including WickiePipe and GrassCity.  A lot of people would say it’s very similar to the Incredibowl m420 in size and function.

Linda rambles about some issues regarding Cannabis

I thought I’d do something a little different and just speak on some issues regarding cannabis.  Warning, I am totally rambling!

The first issue is re: Fairness in re: to access to meds and how cannabis is portrayed.  A lot of patients have issues dealing with money-grubbing cannabis dispensaries, as well as fraudulent review sites that mislead patients into purchasing from some of these sketchy dispensaries, when they otherwise wouldn’t.  I then go into a more specific issue of balance of usage and make a note that cannabis, although we love it, does have some negative side effects if you “over use” it.  I support cannabis wholeheartedly, but I also realize that there are some negatives that really need to be explained and discussed.  I touch on a few things that I haven’t really heard any other activists talk about.  Tell me what you think!

Quick Little Update from Linda!

Hey guys!! Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything – I’m working on a redesign here and a whole lot of other stuff.  Find me on Facebook (click to the right) and follow me there and on Twitter for the most updated news/info 🙂

Still working on a way to populate my site here with my Facebook posts so that it can be more seamless 🙂

A lot has been going on, so I haven’t had a lot of time to keep everything updated, but I’m still here!

Linda reviews an HBG (Hand Blown Glass) inline bong

I am in love with this beautiful HBG inline bong!  So easy to clean, and packs a real punch!  This is made of thick, high quality glass (I want to say Schott Duran like the other great pieces) – made in America – “CALI CERTIFIED”! 😀   I paid less for this piece as I got a deal, but you can find similar inlines of this brand at local headshops or online for probably around $250.  I take a few big puffs with this, but must say I love using this mostly with my KO Titanium Domeless nail.  Either way, it’s a great piece that is easy to clean and very sturdy and will last you a long time!  That is, if you’re not a bong murderer 😉

The Science and Politics of Marijuana

Here is part one of “The Science and Politics of Marijuana” – part of a series of talks from the MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) 25th Anniversary conference back in 2011.  All 7 parts can be found on YouTube through the video below.  Videos feature Donald Abrams MD, Lyle Craker PhD, Sue Sisley MD, Martin Lee, Clint Werner, Fred Gardner, Amanda Reiman PhD MSW, Dale Gieringer PhD, Debby Goldsberry, & Steph Sherer and is moderated by Allen Hopper JD (ACLU of Northern California).

The discussions you’ll hear in the videos go into detail on the topic of the science and politics of marijuana – what has been researched and discovered, and how politics is affecting the information from being released or used properly.  Over 10 years ago, an important government study was released regarding a few specific patients’ use of marijuana as recommended by their doctors. The Institute of Medicine, a branch of the National Academy of Sciences, issued what was then the most comprehensive analysis of the scientific and medical literature about cannabis, and it stated, “The accumulated data indicate a potential therapeutic value for cannabinoid drugs, particularly for symptoms such as pain relief, control of nausea and vomiting, and appetite stimulation.”  A vast number of doctors and other medical professionals continue to caution about harms that may result from smoking marijuana, though these need to be weighed against the other harms that patients could be facing. In the political realm, the debate over the legal status of medical marijuana continues on.  The videos run about 339 minutes in total – check them out at your leisure!

Linda reviews the Vaponic portable vaporizer

Hey all! This video showcases a neat little boro glass portable vaporizer called the Vaponic. I got this vaporizer from a company in Spain that designs a few different, interesting vaporizers. It has a patented double air-stream vaporizing system based on heat convection and conduction which provides, cool, strong, and delicious vapor. I forgot to mention in the video that the vapor that came out was actually cool, not hot! This is a great little device for those that like to use a torch or prefer to use glass to vaporize.

Check them out at http:–
*** DISCLAIMER — I am a legal medical patient under Prop 215-SB 420 in California. If you are not protected under cannabis law, please view my videos at your own discretion.

Marijuana has quite a history, watch it on this History Channel documentary

Here is “The History of Marijuana” – a documentary as seen on the History Channel.  I am not sure if I’ve posted this already, but this is a fantastic documentary that I’ve watched a few times now – something great to show anyone you know who may not have all of the right information regarding marijuana!

This doc is about an hour and a half long and here on YouTube in its entirety.  I like this one as it features celebrities chiming in, giving a better look into how most people really use marijuana.

Also, for other documentaries and great videos on cannabis and the history of marijuana, feel free to browse through my page as I have tons of videos!

Marijuana now legal in Washington State

Marijuana is now legal in the state of Washington!  Here’s a short news clip from CNN from December 6th covering the now legal status of the sadly controversial plant.  Washington voters passed legislation that legalized the possession of an ounce of cannabis under state law.

We’ve yet to see how the feds are going to act on this.  All we know for sure is that you can possess it – but you can’t buy it – something that will hopefully be worked out soon!

The second video in this post is another CNN news clip covering the multi-billion dollar potential of the cannabis industry once legalized.  Precedents are going to be set that will determine the course of marijuana for the rest of history.


Linda reviews the Beer Glass Concentrate 14mm Bubbler

Everyone seems to be “dabbing” lately, so I felt I really needed to review this great all-around piece from Beer Glass for those who are curious about dabbing and would like to learn more. This is a great beginner piece – a “nano” sized bubbler with a glass nail and dome. All you need is a torch for lighting the nail and some oil to dab with. This method is very healthy, and this little rig from Beer Glass is sweet! Find yours on Brothers With Glass –

A few details about the piece:
Height: 5.00″ Inches Tall
Joint: 14 mm
Downstem: Fixed two hole Diffused Downstem
Dome: 14 mm matching
Bottom Base Diameter: 2.60 inches
Made in Washington, USA!


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