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Linda reviews the Fumo Pipe (older reviews from 2012)

Here is an older review I did for the Fumo Pipe after realizing it wasn’ t online anywhere!  This the the Fumo Pipe! Unbreakable, made of Billet aluminum and polycarbonate – not only safe to smoke from, but enjoyable too due to the cooled smoke and greater control over smoke intake. Can also be used as a vaporizer with any of the “herb irons” out there, making it even better!

You can find the Fumo Pipe online at many different retailers including WickiePipe and GrassCity.  A lot of people would say it’s very similar to the Incredibowl m420 in size and function.

A little cannabis each day keeps a stroke away!

Check out this news clip from earlier this year. A former heart surgeon speaks on the benefits of cannabis to prevent strokes.

Though the description of the original video mentions “eating a bud a day”, we all know eating straight cannabis is pretty gross, and if anything, you’d have to at least bake it into something 🙂

Linda reviews the Silver Surfer Vaporizer (SSV)

I’m back with one of the most popular and best performing vaporizers out there – the Silver Surfer Vaporizer!  I got mine a few weeks ago and wanted to give it a lot of solo practice before giving you all a review, as I’d previously only tried it a few times.  Although this is meant to be used to tobacco or other herbs, I think it is perfect for medical marijuana patients to use as a cannabis vaporizer.  Extremely customizable from the graphics to the hose to the baseplate and even the heat cover – it’s hard to not drool over this thing.  With great warrantees, extremely durable aluminum housing and a quick-heat ceramic heating element, this vaporizer is definitely among the top vapes out there.  Check out more information at

And as always, don’t forget to check out my website for all of my video reviews, medical marijuana news, live chat and more!

More Studies Requested to Show Link Between Cannabis and Chronic Pain Relief

Cannabis cures, so why are we still arguing over it?

Studies on medical marijuana continue to be made that disprove the reasoning by the DEA to classify cannabis as a Schedule I drug with no medical benefit.  Here is another video discussing how more studies continue to show that cannabis treats chronic pain.  Unfortunately, the individuals reporting the story don’t seem to know all that much about cannabis to the fact that they don’t question WHY IT WAS MADE ILLEGAL.  News flash, news reporters – MARIJUANA WAS NOT MADE ILLEGAL FOR ITS CHEMICAL PROPERTIES!

Cannabis is NOT a gateway drug!

Here is another great cannabis news video from The Young Turks!  Misinformed people everywhere believe cannabis is a gateway drug and will cause you to move on to other, worse, harder drugs.  This has been proven to be false time and time again, now check out this video as TYT discusses it further.


Maryland Hearing on Medical Marijuana

from the video:  “Several dozen people in favor of a medical marijuana bill testified in Annapolis, Maryland. MPP’s Legislative Analyst Dan Riffle was asked about the bill, and the lack of support from the Governor, by WHAG.”

Israel is at the forefront of medical marijuana!

Little known fact – Israel has the highest concentration of medical marijuana patients in the world.  Check out this clip about medical marijuana in Israel

Linda reviews GlassCity’s Double Bubbler scientific glass bubbler LIMITED EDITION

GlassCity just keeps making these awesome pieces and I must say I am super duper excited about them all!  The latest and greatest is this sweet double bubbler featuring a removable showerhead diffuser and built-in flush cut diffuser.  Glass thickness is 5mm, but this piece feels sturdy and strong and features a longer, flat base to prevent tipping over.  These are LIMITED and only 50 are available!  Selling right now for $99 at GrassCity – check it out here:

Linda reviews the Spillproof Pocket Bubbler from Mutiny Glass Werkz

A spillproof bubbler? Yes, and pocket-sized too! This is a really awesome pipe made by Mutiny Glass Werkz in Portland, OR and sold by Brothers with Glass. I love how easy this piece is to use and that I don’t have to worry about the water spilling out anywhere. Small like a spoon piece, but cools down your hit considerably. I may dare say this is a “must have”. These sell for $65 and you can get yours at or directly to the item page here:

Also in green!:


Use coupon code “weedandbombs” and save 10%!


Televangelist Pat Robertson Defends Marijuana Legalization

Video from The Young Turks

Conservative Christian televangelist Pat Robertson believes the US should legalize marijuana because the war on drugs has been a massive failure. Robertson makes the argument that it’s a waste of money to throw non-violent offenders involved with pot in prison and that the drug should be regulated like alcohol. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks.…

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