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Will Obama follow Paul Ryan on his stance on medical marijuana?

Recently, Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan spoke out that he personally believes that the legalization of medical marijuana should be handled by the states.  Will President Obama follow suit and support his original pre-elected stance to leave medical marijuana legalization to the states?  Coming into office, Obama made many promises to leave the state programs alone, but as we all know, his administration went ahead attacking California and Colorado dispensaries, as well as others.  This created very little safe access to cannabis for patients.  We all hope Obama makes good on his original promise!

Thanks to TheBigPictureRT for posting the video, and The Daily Take for creating it.

Mitt Romney is uneducated about marijuana

If you elect Mitt Romney as president, you will not see legalized medical marijuana.  His own words.   Scientific evidence supports medical marijuana usage for greater value of life, greater therapeutic and medicinal benefit, as well as an absence of a “gateway” possibility.  I find it amazing (and yet, not surprising) that Mitt would ignore the very recent studies that concluded that it is ALCOHOL that is the gateway drug, not cannabis – and spout lies to his constituents.  Then again, we’re talking about rich politicians.  Logic plays no role in what they do.

This Video will make all Cannabis Users hate Mitt Romney

Check out this video by The Young Turks featuring an interview with Mitt Romney, in which he says “medical marijuana” is not an important issue and proceeds to exhibit his own ignorance about the cancer-curing miracle plant.   WE NEED TO EDUCATE THESE PEOPLE!

More proof that Mitt Romney is a heartless coward…


The man in the wheelchair is taking his time being very thorough in explaining to Mitt Romney what he is suffering from and how cannabis is the only thing that helps.  He mentions how his doctors say he is living proof that medical marijuana works.  Watch Mitt “Waste of Life” Romney react and proceed to give the wheelchair-bound man the cold shoulder.  Everyone needs to see this video.  What a heartless jerk!


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