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Marijuana has quite a history, watch it on this History Channel documentary

Here is “The History of Marijuana” – a documentary as seen on the History Channel.  I am not sure if I’ve posted this already, but this is a fantastic documentary that I’ve watched a few times now – something great to show anyone you know who may not have all of the right information regarding marijuana!

This doc is about an hour and a half long and here on YouTube in its entirety.  I like this one as it features celebrities chiming in, giving a better look into how most people really use marijuana.

Also, for other documentaries and great videos on cannabis and the history of marijuana, feel free to browse through my page as I have tons of videos!

New Jersey’s Medical Marijuana Registry Finally Goes Live!

It’s about time!  After two years of waiting on the State to make a move after NJ residents overwhelmingly voted to pass medical marijuana in the state, the registry has finally gone live!  State Health Commissioner Mary O’Dowd was the center of attention as the much anticipated medical marijuana registry went into action. About 150 doctors around the state who have registered for the program have had access to the website for a couple of months now in order to familiarize themselves with the process. August 13th was the first day potential patients were able to log on.  Although NJ is only allowing patients with debiliating, life-threatening illnesses become patients, we can only hope that future legislation allows ALL patients to participate.

Corruption in medical marijuana – “Smoke and Mirrors”

Interesting news video from Canada explaining the issues that have come up in their medical marijuana program.  Doctors are charging atrocious amounts to “help patients” and some patients turn around and sell cannabis on the black market.  Of course, cannabis should be legal for all – but this is bad for the medical programs, and bad for legalization as a whole.  ESPECIALLY those trying to make a profit off the sick!


Thanks IAMHOSSERHEMP420 for the video posting!

Maryland Hearing on Medical Marijuana

from the video:  “Several dozen people in favor of a medical marijuana bill testified in Annapolis, Maryland. MPP’s Legislative Analyst Dan Riffle was asked about the bill, and the lack of support from the Governor, by WHAG.”

Televangelist Pat Robertson Defends Marijuana Legalization

Video from The Young Turks

Conservative Christian televangelist Pat Robertson believes the US should legalize marijuana because the war on drugs has been a massive failure. Robertson makes the argument that it’s a waste of money to throw non-violent offenders involved with pot in prison and that the drug should be regulated like alcohol. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks.…

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Come check Linda out on Vimeo!

My YouTube account still sits there, sadly terminated – all of my cries and appeals completely ignored by everyone at YouTube 🙁

It is pretty sad that I put so many years of work into that page only to have it ripped away from me because a handful of trolls spam-flagged the video as “dangerous”.

I’m using a vaporizer. Really? A vaporizer is a very healthy way to medicate. Even my videos with smoking devices are INFORMATIVE – and nothing like most of the videos you see on YouTube.

I don’t get it – YouTube can keep up all of their violent and offensive videos, but they censor little old me. I wish they’d just come to their senses and realize my account was terminated IN ERROR! 🙁

In the meantime, or for the rest of the time it seems – you can still see my videos by going to or head over to my vimeo page at

Stay high and keep fighting!

California Raids Threaten Medical Marijuana Regulation

In 16 states, marijuana use is legal for medical purposes, but authorities say state laws do not protect growers from federal prosecution. Special correspondent Michael Montgomery of KQED San Francisco looks at how that conflict is playing out in one California community.

First Licensed Medical Marijuana Co Op in San Diego

Take a look at Mother Earth Alternative Healing Cooporative, the first licensed medical marijuana dispensary in San Diego!



Medical Marijuana: Gary & Sherri Burton’s Story

This video was posted on the Marijuana Policy Project’s YouTube page.

Text from video description:
“Sherri Burton, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, discusses the devastating effect her husband Gary’s arrest has had on her. Gary is now a convicted felon and was sentenced to 60 days in jail for growing two marijuana plants for his wife following her diagnosis.

“He was just trying to take care of me, the best way he knew how.” -Sherri Burton, speaking about her husband of 44 years, Gary Burton.

To find out more, please visit the Marijuana Policy Project:”

Linda reviews the Flawless Bubbler

Linda reviews the Flawless Bubbler from Linda aka weedandbombs on Vimeo.

I found this awesome piece at Big Al’s in Berkeley. Around the 200 price range, this piece features thick 9mm glass ..or so I was told, a diffused downstem and removable mouthpiece for easy cleaning. Slide is a standard 14mm.


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