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Cannabis is NOT a gateway drug!

Here is another great cannabis news video from The Young Turks!  Misinformed people everywhere believe cannabis is a gateway drug and will cause you to move on to other, worse, harder drugs.  This has been proven to be false time and time again, now check out this video as TYT discusses it further.


Linda reviews Ed’s Tote N’ Tokes’ Magic Flight Launch Box wood stems

Hey everyone – back with a quick little review, showing you some lovely wood stems for the Magic Flight Launch Box crafted by Ed at Ed’s Tote N’ Tokes ( )

Wonderful, exotic woods – gorgeous and a great accent to your MFLB.  Check them out! 🙂

Linda reviews the Armilon Capsule pipe

Hey everyone!  This review is for the Armilon Capsule pipe – a super awesome, retractable,
direct-injection pipe.  No screens to replace or clogs to worry about here, this pipe is totally
self-contained and wipes clean and since it’s airtight, no worries about odors or spills!

As you can tell, this helps you medicate very well!

Here’s a little technical info from Wickiepipe, where you can find these ( )

Armilon™ Capsule Pipe – a new retractable direct-injection smoking apparatus which opens and closes
effortlessly, and offers 3 comfortable smoking positions. More so, a self-contained pipe that snuffs
out tobacco to conserve material, locks-in odors with an air-tight seal just using two food-grade silicon
rubber O-rings and extends to release pure performance. Once retracted, Capsule securely interlocks to stay
closed until opened. Capsule uses patented DrawFORCE Filter™ technology – an innovative screen-free,
clog-free Tri-Phase Filtration & Cooling system that uses diffusion to break-down hot gases, drag-disruption
to slow-down streaming hot smoke and gravity to capture even the tiniest particles only to release pure clean
smoke; experience refreshingly cool smoke that’s dense, moist and debris-free. Capsule Pipe is a multipurpose
device which can be opened a little, mid-way or all-the-way depending on your comfort level. A sleek
unbreakable pocket-size wonder precisely machined of same medical grade aluminum that keeps cool, and
covered with a protective anodized coating for a smooth finish. Capsule Pipe comes apart in under
5 seconds for easy cleaning. Just use anti-bacterial whips. For an easy spill-free load; remove the
bowl to scoop in tobacco.

For the ultimate chilled smoking experience, Freeze Capsule!

Maryland Hearing on Medical Marijuana

from the video:  “Several dozen people in favor of a medical marijuana bill testified in Annapolis, Maryland. MPP’s Legislative Analyst Dan Riffle was asked about the bill, and the lack of support from the Governor, by WHAG.”

Come check Linda out on Vimeo!

My YouTube account still sits there, sadly terminated – all of my cries and appeals completely ignored by everyone at YouTube 🙁

It is pretty sad that I put so many years of work into that page only to have it ripped away from me because a handful of trolls spam-flagged the video as “dangerous”.

I’m using a vaporizer. Really? A vaporizer is a very healthy way to medicate. Even my videos with smoking devices are INFORMATIVE – and nothing like most of the videos you see on YouTube.

I don’t get it – YouTube can keep up all of their violent and offensive videos, but they censor little old me. I wish they’d just come to their senses and realize my account was terminated IN ERROR! 🙁

In the meantime, or for the rest of the time it seems – you can still see my videos by going to or head over to my vimeo page at

Stay high and keep fighting!

Ron Paul: End Marijuana Prohibition Now!

An older video of Ron Paul speaking out about legalizing cannabis.  I don’t like to get political on people, but he seems to be the only candidate making a mention of this that makes any sense to me!

Vail Symposium on Marijuana Legalization


Check this out in full – This video goes to part 1 and you can follow through part 5 that way.


Everyone needs to watch this symposium!  Lots of very valid and important points are discussed!

Linda reviews the Magic Flight Launch Box (Part 2 – Updated for 2011!)

Linda reviews the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer (Part 2 – Updated for 2011!) from Linda aka weedandbombs on Vimeo.

Second review of the day – keeping it magical 😀 – my updated review for the Magic Flight Launch Box!


You all have seen my Magic Flight Launch Box review from last year.  I got my hands on the updated model and thought I’d do another review for you guys and answer some of the many questions you’ve asked over the last year.

Check it out – if you have any questions, please leave a comment and don’t forget to check out the MFLB website for more info.

I got mine through – a great online store for vaporizers – check them out! 🙂


And as always, don’t forget to check out my website at:

*DISCLAIMER: I am a legal, recommendation-carrying medical marijuana patient in the state of California. I do not condone the illegal usage of marijuana, nor do I condone the underage usage of marijuana. If you have come to my video and are underage, please move along – and if you are an adult in a state where medical marijuana is illegal, please view at your own discretion.


Magic-Flight Launch Box Banner

How to use the Magic Flight Launch Box portable vaporizer

(3/2012) – Sadly, my original “MFLB” video has been lost… I am still trying to find the raw file! 🙁 (3/2012)

This is a video showing how the Magic Flight Launch Box is used. This is a portable vaporizer that tons of people swear by. I love it and you will love it.

(Video from April 18, 2010)


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