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Linda reviews Yocan’s 94F dry herb vape and EXgo wax atomizer

Here’s my review for the Yocan EXgo wax atomizer alongside the Yocan 94F dry herb vaporizer. I’m a huge fan of the EXgo, as you can see in the vid – it’s a great way to get portable dabs and for around $30, you seriously can’t beat the price.

The 94F, however, wasn’t a big hit – although it’s marketed as a vaporizer, I could not seem to get any vapor out of it – not for lack of trying, of course!  Check it out for yourself in the vid.

Want one of these for yourself? Check them out over at

Linda reviews the Cannabox for February 2014

February’s Cannabox is here and here is my unboxing!  If you haven’t heard about Cannabox yet, for about $25 each month, you get a bunch of random stoner-related items and they make great gifts too!  For the most part, I’ve been pretty happy with the items (you can even see the DOPE hat from my December box in this clip!) Check out their site at!

This month’s theme was “One Love” and featured some great items including chocolate flavored papers and a mini bat!  Can’t wait to see what’s in future boxes!

Linda reviews the January 2014 Cannabox monthly subscription box

I subscribe to the Cannabox, which is a monthly subscription box that sends you cannabis-related accessories.  Here is my unboxing of the January 2014 box.  The previous box contained awesome items like a knit hat from Dope streetwear, blunt wraps, and a nice little metal grinder.  The January box did not disappoint either – I am pretty sure I can find a use for each item!  Check out my video to see all the items:

1) 1 pack of ZEN bristle pipe cleaners
2) 1 box of Effin Clean pipe/bong plugs and cleaner
3) 1 Pocket poker/smoker’s tool
4) 1 oack of vanilla Vortex Hollow cigar wraps
5) 1 EZ Pipe all in one pipe with BIC lighter
6) 1 pack of Incense Matches
7) 1 Blimpifier pocket humidifier

If you’re interested in subscribing – check them out at

Linda reviews Enjoy Jars – polycarbonate cannabis containers

I saw these Enjoy Jars online and thought they were pretty neat and was excited to be able to try one out for myself. Not only is this made of shatter resistant polycarbonate, it keeps your strains separated and fresh and is ultra convenient. Each jar is about $14.20 (volume discounts available) and have 4 partitions that can carry your buds, rolling papers, dab containers, small lighters, and on and on.  A drawstring carry bag is also included for extra portability.  For more information, check them out at

Linda reviews GlassCity’s Stemless Diffuser Plate to Turbine Disc Vapor Tube

Hey everyone! Here is my review for GlassCity’s Stemless Diffuser Plate to Turbine Disc Vapor Tube. This is similar to another rig I reviewed, but it lacks a splash guard – which isn’t a huge deal, as the backsplash isn’t so bad when the water levels are right.

This baby is about 5mm thick and has a 5-notch ice catcher as well as a 6-hole diffuser plate to 5-blade turbine disc which makes the vapor spin and cools it. All in all, it’s a great piece at a good, budget price.

Check out more details here:

Linda reviews Smokewire’s 16″ Double Honeycomb pipe

My latest review is from and it is a sweet 16″ double honeycomb bong with a bonus ashcatcher w/ tree perc.  Smokewire is yet another great site with tons of interesting glass for a good price.  This particular piece hits like a champ, is easy to clean, and perfect with any 18mm attachment.

You can check out more details here:

And as always, for all of my other reviews, please check out my site at

Linda reviews the GlassCity Stemless Dual-Level Diffuser Plate to Turbine Disc Vapor Tube

Hey guys, I’m back with another fantastic GlassCity rig here. This is their stemless dual-level diffuser plate to turbine disc vapor tube. Out of the four I have tried out (the other two reviews coming along shortly!), this one is my favorite! There’s just something about how the turbine disc spins the smoke, it almost sounds like a chopper – and the hits pull nice and perfectly.

This piece is a great scientific glass vapor tube with multi-level percs, made from high quality borosilicate glass with a reinforced stemless design. The tube comes with an 18.8mm female joint top-load vapor dome and a nice big Pyrex glass concentrate nail. It stands a little under 12″ tall and kinda feels like a wine bottle 🙂 Trust me, you will love this if you get a chance to try it!. Check out all the fancy details here:

Linda reviews the Fumo Pipe (older reviews from 2012)

Here is an older review I did for the Fumo Pipe after realizing it wasn’ t online anywhere!  This the the Fumo Pipe! Unbreakable, made of Billet aluminum and polycarbonate – not only safe to smoke from, but enjoyable too due to the cooled smoke and greater control over smoke intake. Can also be used as a vaporizer with any of the “herb irons” out there, making it even better!

You can find the Fumo Pipe online at many different retailers including WickiePipe and GrassCity.  A lot of people would say it’s very similar to the Incredibowl m420 in size and function.


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