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Linda reviews Pulsar Vaporizer’s portable APX vaporizer

I think I’ve found my new favorite in Pulsar’s APX vaporizer. This thing is super portable, heats up super fast, ACTUALLY vaporizes without combusting herb, and is ridiculously affordable. I’m seriously just… in awe. All you need is a little bid of herb to get you really medicated – and even after many bowls, this vaporizer doesn’t burn a thing!

This vaporizer also comes with a tank for vaping wax and oil, but unfortunately I didn’t have anything to use for that right now so I’ll have to post an update at a later time to show how that part works – I’m very excited to test that out – but for just dry herb – this thing is flawless.

Most of the vaporizers I’ve tried have been poor performing and combust at higher temperatures. When I say this is the only one that really hasn’t done that over much use, I am dead serious. Of course, there are others I have not tried yet – but right now, for the price, the APX vaporizer is my top pick. Check it out and go get one for yourself at

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The DEA admits marijuana cannot kill you.

Yes, it’s true!  And it wasn’t even recently!  Back in 1988, as explained here by The Young Turks, the DEA stated that in order to die from smoking marijuana, you would have to smoke 1500 POUNDS in 15 MINUTES.  Impossible.  Therefore, marijuana CAN NOT KILL YOU!

Ron Paul and Joe Rogan on Jay Leno


Honestly, I can’t stand Jay Leno.  I love Conan and will stick by him forever.  But that’s not the point.  Joe Rogan AND Ron Paul on the same show!  As the Obama administration continues to mess with safe access of cannabis for medical patients, and continues to ignore cannabis’ medical benefits and keep it as a Schedule I narcotic – I’m starting to look a little more to Ron Paul to see what he can do for the movement to legalize this miraculous plant!  This video is a little lengthy and there’s a little commentary by the uploader in the beginning, but it is well worth watching.



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