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Linda reviews GlassCity’s Stemless Dual-Level Diffuser Plate to Turbine Disc Vapor Tube

Here it is – GlassCity’s Stemless Dual-Level Diffuser Plate to Turbine Disc Vapor tube – the fourth rig of GlassCity’s that I wanted to show you all.  It took me WAY too long to get these reviews out (thanks, crazy life!), but I’m happy to be able to show you guys one more sweet, well-priced piece from GlassCity’s oil rig collection.   This is a cute, short, little stemless with a dual-level diffuser plate consisting of 12 holes around the edge, with a smaller center disc with another 12 holes.  Near the top is a turbine disc with 5 blades that also doubles as an ice catcher., making this a little beast!   All the details can be found on GrassCity’s site here:



Linda reviews GlassCity’s Stemless Diffuser Plate to Turbine Disc Vapor Tube

Hey everyone! Here is my review for GlassCity’s Stemless Diffuser Plate to Turbine Disc Vapor Tube. This is similar to another rig I reviewed, but it lacks a splash guard – which isn’t a huge deal, as the backsplash isn’t so bad when the water levels are right.

This baby is about 5mm thick and has a 5-notch ice catcher as well as a 6-hole diffuser plate to 5-blade turbine disc which makes the vapor spin and cools it. All in all, it’s a great piece at a good, budget price.

Check out more details here:

Linda reviews the GlassCity Stemless Dual-Level Diffuser Plate to Turbine Disc Vapor Tube

Hey guys, I’m back with another fantastic GlassCity rig here. This is their stemless dual-level diffuser plate to turbine disc vapor tube. Out of the four I have tried out (the other two reviews coming along shortly!), this one is my favorite! There’s just something about how the turbine disc spins the smoke, it almost sounds like a chopper – and the hits pull nice and perfectly.

This piece is a great scientific glass vapor tube with multi-level percs, made from high quality borosilicate glass with a reinforced stemless design. The tube comes with an 18.8mm female joint top-load vapor dome and a nice big Pyrex glass concentrate nail. It stands a little under 12″ tall and kinda feels like a wine bottle 🙂 Trust me, you will love this if you get a chance to try it!. Check out all the fancy details here:

Linda reviews the GlassCity Stemless Diffuser Plate to Turbine Disc Vapor Tube with Splash Guard

Whoa, nelly. I have been using my domeless nail in my other water pipes, but never really had a chance to try them in a “big rig”. I was lucky enough to get my hands on four awesome new rigs made by GlassCity – and the piece I’m reviewing here is the GlassCity Stemless Diffuser Plate to Turbine Disc Vapor Tube with Splash Guard.

Phew, that’s a mouthful. Anyway, this is one fantastic, decently priced vapor tube that I think a lot of you will like as much as I do. I am sure I did not get some things right re: the percs and diffuser, but I believe the item description describes it far better than I could: “This slender, stemless vapor tube from GlassCity features two levels of percs near the base: a diffuser plate with 6 holes and turbine disc with 5 blades. Together they work to create a roaring, swirling mass of smoke-cooling bubbles for a silky smooth toke!”

Smooth, indeed. Check out the nice cloud action later in the vid. For all the specs, check it out here:

Linda reviews Ed’s Tote N’ Tokes’ Magic Flight Launch Box wood stems

Hey everyone – back with a quick little review, showing you some lovely wood stems for the Magic Flight Launch Box crafted by Ed at Ed’s Tote N’ Tokes ( )

Wonderful, exotic woods – gorgeous and a great accent to your MFLB.  Check them out! 🙂

Linda reviews the Armilon Capsule pipe

Hey everyone!  This review is for the Armilon Capsule pipe – a super awesome, retractable,
direct-injection pipe.  No screens to replace or clogs to worry about here, this pipe is totally
self-contained and wipes clean and since it’s airtight, no worries about odors or spills!

As you can tell, this helps you medicate very well!

Here’s a little technical info from Wickiepipe, where you can find these ( )

Armilon™ Capsule Pipe – a new retractable direct-injection smoking apparatus which opens and closes
effortlessly, and offers 3 comfortable smoking positions. More so, a self-contained pipe that snuffs
out tobacco to conserve material, locks-in odors with an air-tight seal just using two food-grade silicon
rubber O-rings and extends to release pure performance. Once retracted, Capsule securely interlocks to stay
closed until opened. Capsule uses patented DrawFORCE Filter™ technology – an innovative screen-free,
clog-free Tri-Phase Filtration & Cooling system that uses diffusion to break-down hot gases, drag-disruption
to slow-down streaming hot smoke and gravity to capture even the tiniest particles only to release pure clean
smoke; experience refreshingly cool smoke that’s dense, moist and debris-free. Capsule Pipe is a multipurpose
device which can be opened a little, mid-way or all-the-way depending on your comfort level. A sleek
unbreakable pocket-size wonder precisely machined of same medical grade aluminum that keeps cool, and
covered with a protective anodized coating for a smooth finish. Capsule Pipe comes apart in under
5 seconds for easy cleaning. Just use anti-bacterial whips. For an easy spill-free load; remove the
bowl to scoop in tobacco.

For the ultimate chilled smoking experience, Freeze Capsule!

Linda reviews GlassCity’s Double Bubbler scientific glass bubbler LIMITED EDITION

GlassCity just keeps making these awesome pieces and I must say I am super duper excited about them all!  The latest and greatest is this sweet double bubbler featuring a removable showerhead diffuser and built-in flush cut diffuser.  Glass thickness is 5mm, but this piece feels sturdy and strong and features a longer, flat base to prevent tipping over.  These are LIMITED and only 50 are available!  Selling right now for $99 at GrassCity – check it out here:

Linda reviews Grass City’s Glass City Bubblicious Bong

This is GrassCity’s foray into the glass world – the Glass City Bubblicious Bong! This is a fantastic 7mm tube with a percolator nestled inside a diffused downstem. Flaunting a huge bowl with built-in glass screen and ice notches – this is a fantastic piece for a great price! 😀

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