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Linda reviews a Bio Hazard Standard Straight Tube from SmokeFox

Check out this beautiful 12 inch tube from Bio Hazard glass! This piece arrived from – a fantastic site with a nice variety of great glass

This particular pipe is a beautiful short tube with a diffused downstem and an ice catcher above the joint. The bowl size is your standard 14mm and this piece is well worth the price.

Check out my review and then head over here to see more about the piece and all of SmokeFox’s other items:

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Linda reviews the Ver-Glow Vaporizer Pipe

Linda reviews the Ver-Glow Vaporizer Pipe! from Linda aka weedandbombs on Vimeo.


It’s all glass. Seriously – every little piece. Which makes this totally for “the purist”. Loosely put your meds over the glass screen and add the patent pending glass on glass diffuser and enjoy fantastic, clean tasting vapor hits.

The Ver-Glow Vaporizer is totally portable too. Just bring your torch lighter 😀 This will be a favorite for those who love their glass pieces 😀


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*DISCLAIMER: I am a legal, recommendation-carrying medical marijuana patient in the state of California. I do not condone the illegal usage of marijuana, nor do I condone the underage usage of marijuana. If you have come to my video and are underage, please move along – and if you are an adult in a state where medical marijuana is illegal, please view at your own discretion.


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