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CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta now supports cannabis, and his new special, “Weed”, explains why

As I’m sure a lot of you know by now, this past week, CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta surprisingly made an about-face on his stance on cannabis, specifically using it for medicinal purposes.  CNN aired a fantastic documentary on Sunday in which Dr. Gupta meets with various patients around the country who have used cannabis to treat their ailments, most of which showing that cannabis is truly the only thing that helps.  It’s a fantastic episode and well worth the watch.  For more information, also check out this great article on CNN about the headlines this documentary has made this week – let’s keep this conversation going!



This Video will make all Cannabis Users hate Mitt Romney

Check out this video by The Young Turks featuring an interview with Mitt Romney, in which he says “medical marijuana” is not an important issue and proceeds to exhibit his own ignorance about the cancer-curing miracle plant.   WE NEED TO EDUCATE THESE PEOPLE!

Hey, US Government – Everyone wants marijuana legalized. DO IT ALREADY!


Great report from The Young Turks showing how poll numbers for marijuana legalization continue to increase exponentially.  The War on Drugs is so pointless… SOOOO POINTLESS.

How did Marijuana Become Illegal?

Great documentary answering a question far too many people never think to ask.  EDUCATE THE MASSES!

Legalizing Marijuana increases Public Safety!


Isn’t it clear by now that all marijuana does is HELP people?  WE MUST FIGHT TO LEGALIZE!

Cured Too – skin cancer – cured by cannabis oil!


Cannabis oil cures skin cancer.  The proof is right here!


Video by David Triplett


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