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Linda reviews the Cannabox for February 2014

February’s Cannabox is here and here is my unboxing!  If you haven’t heard about Cannabox yet, for about $25 each month, you get a bunch of random stoner-related items and they make great gifts too!  For the most part, I’ve been pretty happy with the items (you can even see the DOPE hat from my December box in this clip!) Check out their site at!

This month’s theme was “One Love” and featured some great items including chocolate flavored papers and a mini bat!  Can’t wait to see what’s in future boxes!

Linda reviews the January 2014 Cannabox monthly subscription box

I subscribe to the Cannabox, which is a monthly subscription box that sends you cannabis-related accessories.  Here is my unboxing of the January 2014 box.  The previous box contained awesome items like a knit hat from Dope streetwear, blunt wraps, and a nice little metal grinder.  The January box did not disappoint either – I am pretty sure I can find a use for each item!  Check out my video to see all the items:

1) 1 pack of ZEN bristle pipe cleaners
2) 1 box of Effin Clean pipe/bong plugs and cleaner
3) 1 Pocket poker/smoker’s tool
4) 1 oack of vanilla Vortex Hollow cigar wraps
5) 1 EZ Pipe all in one pipe with BIC lighter
6) 1 pack of Incense Matches
7) 1 Blimpifier pocket humidifier

If you’re interested in subscribing – check them out at


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