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Israel is at the forefront of medical marijuana!

Little known fact – Israel has the highest concentration of medical marijuana patients in the world.  Check out this clip about medical marijuana in Israel

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My YouTube account still sits there, sadly terminated – all of my cries and appeals completely ignored by everyone at YouTube 🙁

It is pretty sad that I put so many years of work into that page only to have it ripped away from me because a handful of trolls spam-flagged the video as “dangerous”.

I’m using a vaporizer. Really? A vaporizer is a very healthy way to medicate. Even my videos with smoking devices are INFORMATIVE – and nothing like most of the videos you see on YouTube.

I don’t get it – YouTube can keep up all of their violent and offensive videos, but they censor little old me. I wish they’d just come to their senses and realize my account was terminated IN ERROR! 🙁

In the meantime, or for the rest of the time it seems – you can still see my videos by going to or head over to my vimeo page at

Stay high and keep fighting!

Butte County California BINTF steals children from their parents and nonsensically arrests people for following State Law.

WARNING: The audio of this video is chilling and shocking.

Text from the video: “This is what happens when you abide by the laws of the land. This is the arrest of Valid Medical Cannabis Patients in Butte County Ca. What you hear is the violent snatching of a 3 week old nursing newborn , Zeus, from the arms of his mother and the screaming in the background is that of Thor, his 15 month old brother. Parents Daisy Bram & Jayme Walsh were arrested on Sept. 29, 2011 by the Butte Interagency Narcotic Task Force (BINTF) and the innocent babies were “detained” and placed in a group home. These parents are now fighting CPS of Butte County to get their innocent babies back, a battle not easily won as the county stands to gain Several Thousand Dollars if these babies are Sold/Adopted out. PLEASE find us on facebook: FreeMy Babies, or parents-patients-rights.”

Feds going after Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Colorado now… Grr!

Very alarming and upsetting that the federal government doesn’t realize what the citizens of the USA realize – and that is, that MARIJUANA IS HARMLESS!!!

Ron Paul and Joe Rogan on Jay Leno


Honestly, I can’t stand Jay Leno.  I love Conan and will stick by him forever.  But that’s not the point.  Joe Rogan AND Ron Paul on the same show!  As the Obama administration continues to mess with safe access of cannabis for medical patients, and continues to ignore cannabis’ medical benefits and keep it as a Schedule I narcotic – I’m starting to look a little more to Ron Paul to see what he can do for the movement to legalize this miraculous plant!  This video is a little lengthy and there’s a little commentary by the uploader in the beginning, but it is well worth watching.


California Raids Threaten Medical Marijuana Regulation

In 16 states, marijuana use is legal for medical purposes, but authorities say state laws do not protect growers from federal prosecution. Special correspondent Michael Montgomery of KQED San Francisco looks at how that conflict is playing out in one California community.

Seniors love their weed :D

Another great video showcasing how seniors use cannabis for medicinal reasons.

From video:

“Seniors at a retirement community in Orange County, California have set up their own medical marijuana collective. The participants say using the legal cannabis helps them cope with their ailments. (June 8) – Associated Press”



American Express no longer allowing Medical Marijuana customers to purchase pot with cards

This is pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

Text from original video: “Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks reports on medical marijuana dispensaries in California claiming that American Express no longer allows customers to use their cards on marijuana. She also shares AmEx’s response.

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