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Will Obama follow Paul Ryan on his stance on medical marijuana?

Recently, Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan spoke out that he personally believes that the legalization of medical marijuana should be handled by the states.  Will President Obama follow suit and support his original pre-elected stance to leave medical marijuana legalization to the states?  Coming into office, Obama made many promises to leave the state programs alone, but as we all know, his administration went ahead attacking California and Colorado dispensaries, as well as others.  This created very little safe access to cannabis for patients.  We all hope Obama makes good on his original promise!

Thanks to TheBigPictureRT for posting the video, and The Daily Take for creating it.

Jimmy Kimmel mentions marijuana at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner


Yay, Jimmy!  The more it’s spoken of, the more it’ll be in the public eye – and the more people can’t ignore it anymore!  Cannabis is NOT the terrible, horrible drug so many people are misled to believe it is!

Obama shirks the medical marijuana issue.. again…


I voted for Obama, so I’m a little pissed that he continues to step aside from this question anytime it’s asked.  I hope he doesn’t put too much money into a re-election campaign, because I refuse to vote for anyone who can’t see how ridiculous it is that cannabis is federally illegal.


ATTENTION: US GOVERNMENT – Just accept that you aren’t going to be able to regulate and profit off of cannabis as much as you’d like to.  Legalize it and let us handle the rest.


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