Hey everyone!  I get a lot of questions and comments through e-mail and YouTube.  If you’d like a definite response – leave a question or comment here and I’ll get back to you! 🙂
For example – if you have items you’d like me to review, or are just curious about my opinion on specific vaporizers, as well as any questions re: strain choice and what the best may be for you – drop me a line here and I will help!
Remember, cannabis is medicine!  It is not a harmful, horrible drug.  Education is key and I’m here to assist in that. 🙂

  • bradster

    Thank you for your reviews. I am a mm patient who has long suffered from asthma. I use mm for my back. My problem is of course asthma. I’ve vaped, done edibles, and tincture, even done the prescriptions; all asthma friendly. But the only real relief I get is by combustion. I think you are as knowledgeable as anyone I have ever listened to. What in your opinion is the best smoking instrument for me. I need to smoke mm, so another ingestion method is not workable. What in your opinion gives the smoothest, least irritating smoke inhalation possible. If I posted this on the wrong place, I am sorry. Thank you.

    • admin

      Hi Brad,
      If vapes aren’t doing it for you, you can always find a better combustion pipe that filters out a lot of the harsh stuff – you’re still going to get the tar and everything, but I’d suggest looking into a bubbler or bong with a tree perc or something like that. Even the Incredibowl is pretty good at filtering out stuff and leaving you with not-as-harsh smoke. Hope I was able to help!

  • Sam

    Hey linda, love the review vids. I was wondering, do you know of any place besides grasscity that sells the molino mad scientist v3? No hate to GC, but I really don’t feel like risking a piece that nice getting seized by customs, on top of having to wait at least a month to get it. Thanks in advance!

    • admin

      I got mine thru GC and customs opened it and didn’t seize it – then again I’m in California… not sure where you are. Off the top of my head it is the only place you can get it!

      • Sam

        Thanks for the prompt response. Yea I live in Illinois, but I’m sure it’s the same everywhere since customs is a federal thing. I also actually e-mailed molino themselves and they said GC is the exclusive retailer of it, and they claimed it would arrive in less than a week… I won’t hold my breath.

        • admin

          It definitely won’t arrive in less than a week (THEY CRAZY!) I don’t even think the v3 is in stock at GC right now, what with their big 4/20 sale and all – but I honestly don’t think you should worry – they ship to the US every day and I don’t see many complaints on their site

  • Crumbum

    Thanks for your blog! My g/f and I are going camping in the redwoods this August. What is your favorite portable vaporizer? (Smoke is out.)

    I live in the upper Haight, so if you can recommend a head shop that sells it–all the better!

    Thanks again.

    • admin

      I just got the Lotus Vaporizer which is pretty nice and only requires a little torch lighter. Something like that or the VaporGenie may be your best bet while camping as something like everyone’s favorite – the Magic Flight Launch Box – that requires batteries, may be a pain.

  • misterman73

    Hey Linda! Love your reviews, they’re so helpful. So, I have a bong/vape question. I’m big into portability, so a vape like the MFLB sounds perfect for my needs. The thing is, I hear that a vape high feels considerably different than a bong high, and i do love me some bong. How are the highs different? Im willing to give up the portability of a vape for a decent bong if theyre as different as people make them out to be. Thanks!

    • admin

      Vaporizers give you a bit more of a clear, head high because you aren’t combusting and getting the other byproducts that appear in smoke. I personally couldn’t give up the feeling of a good combustion high, but some vaporizers out there are pretty kick ass and give a nice full high. The only way to truly know the difference is to try it 🙂

      • misterman73

        Tried my buds vape-or-smoke today! Pretty good stuff. Though I will say, I do miss that certain hammer-to-the-dome feeling a bong gets me. Are there any particular combustion devices you recommend, ones that are more portable than a regular bong? I’m not a huge fan of spoons because of all the ash and jays waste a lot, so maybe a mini bong or such? You did a review for m420 incredibowl, that looked WAY BADASS btw. I might consider that as an option, but I’m just giving you an idea for what kind of size I’m looking for. Thanks for all your help! Stay breezy

        • admin

          The Incredibowl Mini (m420) is one of the best little portable pipes I’ve found. I’ve tried comparing it more to the FumoPipe and I think it wins, just because the FumoPipe has no screen and the button gets stuck. It’s a good hit in a small package. I also recommend the WickiePipe Lighter for portability 😀

          • misterman73

            Cool! I’ll check around again, grass city was out of stock last time I checked. I bet you hear this every day, but you’re awesome! Thanks so much for all your help 🙂

          • admin

            There are other sites that are probably better to purchase the Incredibowl from… I think has it

  • misterman73

    I actually got lucky and found a person on selling it for $59 new, listed under “aroma therapy.” That made me giggle! Plus, free shipping! Thanks again for all your help.

  • rudie

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks for all your reviews, especialy the vapor genie since i was looking for a review on that one.
    I was wondering, do you use any specific kind of weed, or do any of them work for anxiety. Here in The netherlands we have, Whitewidow, skunk, silver haze, amnesia, probably more but can’t think of them at the moment.

    Regards, Rudie.

    ps: Found a realy good site, both in Dutch and English, hope you like it.

    • i enjoy super silver haze, boysenberry, blue dream, you name it 🙂

  • donny345

    I’ve watched your videos reviewing the Fumo Pipe and Incredibowl mini. I was wondering which you would recommend, or even if there was one you have tried that would be an even better option. I’m looking for something that makes hits a little smoother and is built well enough that I don’t have to worry about breaking it. Thanks for the help!

    • I would say the Incredibowl mini would be a good piece for you. Or even something like the Model 419 – it may be a metal pipe, but it cools the smoke and it would be pretty hard to break. Check out all of my videos on here and you can see there’s quite a selection.

  • tdavie

    Hey Linda; thanks for all the good stuff you do. Is it possible for you to do a comparison of bong percs?



    • once i get some $$ and find somewhere that has a good selection, I just may do that 🙂

  • greenleafmonster

    sup linda? im a big fan of your vids! but ive been lookin for a journey pipe online and i cant seem to find one??? hope U can help..

  • darkhorse

    You are doing a really good effing job with this site!

    I’m a serious believer in the medical benefits of marijuana and not only are you informative but you’re entertaining good work!


  • darkhorse

    Also Linda do u think u could recommend the best portable vap?

    The lotus or model 419or.. ????


    • well, the Lotus Vaporizer is a vaporizer.. the Model 419 is a combustion pipe…. there are so many portable vaporizers out there, its really a personal choice as to which one you’d like.

  • SyncheEnterprises

    Hey Linda love the site! We have a product (or two or three) we’d love for you to check out. How would I go about getting them to you?

  • joe76689

    Hey Linda, love your videos. Find them very helpful. I just wanted your review of the Vape2Go. I’ve purchased 3 click-n-tokes (similar to the Vape2Go) and the butane ignitor goes out almost immediately. Have you heard anything about the the ignitor lasts on the Vape2Go?


    • I have not… but I imagine if you want a vape that you won’t have to replace something like that on, you would purchase a better quality one. Based on the price, these are like “throwaway vapes”

  • the_turd_ferguson

    Hey, awesome site and reviews, i just ordered my first vape today, an MFLB, can’t wait for it to come in the mail. I noticed you have a couple reviews and whatnot on glass pieces too, and I see you love to plug grasscity, but was wondering if you’ve ever been to aqualab, they have some incredible pieces, seriously beautiful glass.

  • Drumsingh

    Hey Linda I love your video reviews,

    I’m looking for a new portable metal piece. I’ve narrowed down my options to the journey pipe or the vapor genie coil (yes I know one is combustion and the other is vape). I understand the health benefits of vaping, but I love the hard hitting high of combustion. I usually use joints for on the go but I am sick of wasting so much. My question is which one? Also, if there are other benefits to vaping (such as stealth) please tell me. Another point, I have a pretty weak throat, so I was wondering just how much the journey cools the smoke, and how much of the tar and other “ick” it filters out.

    Thanks in advance

  • choke_and_abby

    Hey linda, im a big fan of your videos and I was really interested in the vapocane, My fiancee just bought me a new water pipe and i accidentally bumped it and it cracked although i could use the hole as a toke hole. I read a little about it but i was wondering if you could do a review on it. Thanks so much Linda.

  • agnag

    Something i have read and personally believe
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    I know this is a primarily weed site but he has been a great president in other aspects and i have faith that if he gets this election he would try harder to get marijuana closer to legalized as he can. i think he wants the chance to do as much good as he can, so i think he shys from the direct liberal. obama’s problem is he tries to please everyone which hurts us but i think his diversions from the question is so he isn’t caught in a lie when he does decide to attack the prohibition of marijuana. he wants it legal trust me.

  • agnag

    you guys should check this out and bring awareness it could help the fight, if it is infused into media to a point where they can’t deny it, we should get overwhelming support hopefully from like the cancer society, maybe not due to backlash from the public, that would go towards the government, but worth a try. this would save a lot of money and actually cure the cancer not damage someone and leave them poor

    • agnag

      well it seems tommy chong is putting it in the media great. nice fb share linda. i love you and your sites. been a follower siince before all the youtube crap. stay high as i know you do 🙂

      • you’re awesome 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  • Just saw your review on the Persei Vaporizer. I cannot wait for all the new attatchments to come out for it like the herb cartridge or the LCD Iris Top. Check out the progress at

    • there are soooo many things that Delta9Vapes are doing with the Persei and Omicron and future models – i’m super excited as well! 🙂

  • questionforlinda

    I’m somewhat new to the non-combustible scene. I had a heat gun for years, but never an actual vape. Whats your opinion on the best for personal/mobile use, and the best for home use? Money is an issue too and one wouldnt want to spend too much. I have watched a lot of your videos and you obviously have a lot of experience. What are the best vapes and why? Thanks for your time.

    • I have reviewed a few different portable vaporizers. The best ones seem to be around the $100 range and above. I personally really like the Arizer Solo and Vapir NO2 for flowers and the Persei and Omicron for oil. These are all very well made and use better heating mechanisms than other vapes, so there is less of a chance of combustion (and for some, I’d say virtually zero chance of combustion).

  • smokingcauseitsforhealth

    hi linda I watch your reviews on youtube and I think there great! recently about 3 days ago I was smoking in my house with a couple of buddies of mine and all of a sudden i felt like my throat was closing up (it actually wasn’t but just felt like it was) and then I had what I think was a panic attack I was wondering this has ever happend to you or if you have any advise thanks so much!

    • Sure, I’ve had panic attacks before – triggered by all sorts of things. I notice sativa strains do not help anxiety very much – especially strong ones, and they may trigger panic. My best advice is to always smoke or vape in a relaxed setting and try to release any stressful thoughts from your head 🙂

  • Davidsr

    I love you Linda Be my wife!

    • haha i appreciate the sentiment – thanks 🙂

  • 420daily

    Hi Linda. I recently purchased the Cannacig vapor inhaler and love it! The instruction manual is brief, has many grammatical errors and does not cover how long the mouth pieces (cartridges) last. I found two areas on the vinhaler website that talk about this and one area says a cartridge will last for 40 hits, another says it will last 300 hits. So, it appears even the distributers of this are not on the same page with this question. Also, I see nowhere on the site where replacement cartridges can be ordered. I’ve placed a couple of calls to the stores that carry them, and they do not have any information on how to order replacement cartridges either. I have sent this same question to the folks at 4 days ago, and so far, no response. Just curious if you know how long these cartridges last and where replacement cartridges can be purchased. Thanks Linda! Rock on – Cory

    • Sadly, sometimes I review items and while they do what they say they will, replacing things may become difficult when the manufacturer doesn’t handle customer service appropriately. I actually haven’t heard ANYTHING from these guys since speaking to them at the Cannabis Cup expo that I got the vaporizer from. I think I may have even hidden the video from my YouTube page now since I personally feel there are better vaporizers out there from companies that provide much better service.

  • orion

    Hey Linda –

    I run and . . . we are doing a little giveaway:

    We are giving away an Atmos Raw Kit (you are welcome to join by the way) and I was hoping you could post about it either here or on your FB page (both would be awesome). I would be happy to return the favor!


    • I keep this for the news articles and the big sales that come up, but I can post it on my FB as more people go there anyway

  • blink_me_767

    hello, iv been looking at vape pens and am having a hard time deciding what one to pick up i was wondering if you have had a chance to maybe try a few of them and what your preference was. im looking for one that can hold a good amount of meds so i can fill it and leave the house and have it kickin for me all day. thank 🙂

    • There are a lot of vape pens that are very similar. Some are just rebranded, but essentially the same. I love the Persei and Omicron, but almost any cartridge-using e-cig pen type of device will work fine.

  • naz677

    Hey Linda,

    Im a big fan of yours! I had a quick question about the vape2go. First off I am new to vaporizers and want to start out with something easy (also im broke haha). So I was looking into getting one, I have seen your review on it and it helped me a lot. I was wondering though if making sure it isn’t going to combust all the time a big problem. It makes me a little nervous, have you ever over heated it? My last question is just if the vapor smells or not.

    Thanks so much!

    • Unfortunately, it’s really easy to combust with the Vape2Go… you would be doing yourself a disservice by just buying a cheap vape. Save up your money for something like a Magic Flight Launch Box – you can find them for under $100

  • Grimwulf420

    I’ve been looking around for a portable Vape and came across a Vaporblunt 2.0 and I was wondering if you’ve had a chance to use and review this one, basically is it worth $250, $400 for the deluxe?

    • Hey there – I haven’t had a chance to try it myself, but I probably wouldn’t be likely to buy something called a “Vapor Blunt” haha 🙂 Also, the price seems a bit steep – I think if you were to spend $250, you might do well with a PAX Ploom! But I can’t 100% say for sure as I have not tried the Vaporblunt yet…

  • JyARz


    I would like to know if you would be interested in reviewing JyARz? For more information regarding my product please see:

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  • Frost Pipe

    Hey Linda, we have a new product called the Frost Pipe that we are working to get the word out on. Found your YouTube channel and thought it was super sweet! The Frost Pipe lets you make a pipe entirely out of ice! Try different flavours, colours, etc! Let me know if you’re interested in doing a review on YouTube and I can send you one! to learn some more and see some vids!

  • Justin Salsberg

    Is there a discount code for 10$ off or something to brothers with glass online purchases as you mentioned in your clip? Is it still valid? Please let me know. Thanks!

  • Charlie Thornblad

    Hi Linda, we really like your channel and think it is a perfect place for us to try and get our name out there my name is Charlie Thornblad, Vice President of Get
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  • Mox

    Hey, I created a weed review app (for android) that lets you submit pictures, price, strain weight. I’m hoping that this app will have higher quality reviews because pictures are required and (unlike some of the other apps) reviews are the main focus.

    Check it out!

  • Hi Linda,
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  • Canon Nick




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