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What if President Obama had called a real marijuana user?

That’s a good question. I’m sure you’ve all seen the Obama/Harold & Kumar ad floating around. Here is a great answer to that ridiculous ad – what if Obama called an actual marijuana user and not fictional movie characters? This is how one person imagines that conversation would go.

From the video description: (Thanks goes to sidepocketimages for posting the vid!)

If you want the President to earn your vote, tweet this:
@barackobama @kalpenn @johnthecho It takes more than lame jokes to earn votes. It takes action. Change the marijuana laws. #EarnMyVote

On September 3, in what President Obama’s press secretary described as an attempt to appeal to “the youth vote”, the Obama campaign released an ad featuring fictional potheads Harold and Kumar. The President asks them for their support and they agree, mindlessly gobbling junk food and chuckling at cartoons. But the Obama administration has waged a war on marijuana users at a faster pace than President Bush, even attacking state-legal medical marijuana at nearly every turn.

This video shows how a call to a real-life marijuana user might have gone.

Featuring Andrew Livingston.

Not suitable for children. Includes graphic footage of Arizona and Missouri police raids for marijuana.

Original commercial can be found at

Chelsea Handler and Wiz Khalifa talk weed

Short, but funny clip of Chelsea Handler and Wiz Khalifa talking about weed.  I knew I loved Chelsea for a reason 😀  Wiz mentions his own strain of weed “Khalifa Kush” – and I wonder what it ACTUALLY is, or if it was bred special.  Who knows?  Either way, keep blazing 🙂

Joe Rogan talks some more about marijuana legalization


I don’t know about you, but I love Joe Rogan.  He’s awesome and accomplished and a major mouthpiece for the marijuana legalization movement.  Check out this video as he talks about more of the BS surrounding reasons why people don’t want marijuana legalized.

Actor Eric Roberts calls for Marijuana Legalization


For some reason, I’ve always been a fan of Eric Roberts, despite his decisions do to what some might consider to be “awful” movies.  I love that he took a step up after being on “Celebrity Rehab” for a supposed addiction to marijuana, and spoke the truth!  Watch this video for yourself!

Bay Area Company developing Medical Marijuana patch for dogs


Cannabis is a fantastic and effective pain reliever for thousands, if not, millions of people around the world.  Many of those individuals have also found that cannabis can help their pets as well, due to its harmless physical effects.  Check out this video that shows a Fremont-based company that is developing a medical marijuana patch for dogs.

Joe Rogan on Marijuana, “the Gateway Drug”, and Cops


Thanks to Joe Rogan for being such a great activist for the cannabis movement.  Check out this video where he discusses some of the lies the world has been told about cannabis.



Russian Reporter Cracks Up Over Bears Guarding Marijuana


Russian Reporter Dies Laughing Reporting About 13 Bears Protecting The Marijuana.

“Weed Card” – New video by Garfunkel & Oates takes on CA weed laws

Garfunkel and Oates are back with a video explaining how hard (or easy.. lol) it is to get a Medical Marijuana card in California.

Hemp War Conspiracy – UFOTV Full Feature


Great documentary – check it out!


Text from video:  “This is the film that the United States government does not want you to see. This is the film that contains the facts about one movement… one man… and one miraculous plant that could revolutionize the world. The best-selling book The Emperor Wears No Clothes blew the lid off the anti-hemp conspiracy and explained all there is to know about an easy-to-grow plant with infinite, non-intoxicating uses.
Why is hemp illegal? The information is in this film, and you won’t believe it!

NOW ON DVD: Emperor Of Hemp: The Jack Herer Story
– Cat# K548, Go to

This video is about a man’s fight for truth, justice and a plant. What began as a singular battle has turned into a massive movement to educate America about this environmentally beneficial plant. “Emperor of Hemp” exposes government and big-business efforts to keep the plant illegal, and takes you to the front lines of the pro-hemp movement.

Meet the “Emperor of Hemp,” Jack Herer, the man behind “The Emperor Wears No Clothes.” Find out how his passionate journey began. Discover how he overcame hurdle after hurdle. Cheer his ultimate vindication. Narrated by Peter Coyote, “Emperor of Hemp” could change the world.”

Whoopi Goldberg got high before her Oscar win

I knew there was a reason I liked Whoopi Goldberg…


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