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Linda reviews the January 2014 Cannabox monthly subscription box

I subscribe to the Cannabox, which is a monthly subscription box that sends you cannabis-related accessories.  Here is my unboxing of the January 2014 box.  The previous box contained awesome items like a knit hat from Dope streetwear, blunt wraps, and a nice little metal grinder.  The January box did not disappoint either – I am pretty sure I can find a use for each item!  Check out my video to see all the items:

1) 1 pack of ZEN bristle pipe cleaners
2) 1 box of Effin Clean pipe/bong plugs and cleaner
3) 1 Pocket poker/smoker’s tool
4) 1 oack of vanilla Vortex Hollow cigar wraps
5) 1 EZ Pipe all in one pipe with BIC lighter
6) 1 pack of Incense Matches
7) 1 Blimpifier pocket humidifier

If you’re interested in subscribing – check them out at

Linda reviews Enjoy Jars – polycarbonate cannabis containers

I saw these Enjoy Jars online and thought they were pretty neat and was excited to be able to try one out for myself. Not only is this made of shatter resistant polycarbonate, it keeps your strains separated and fresh and is ultra convenient. Each jar is about $14.20 (volume discounts available) and have 4 partitions that can carry your buds, rolling papers, dab containers, small lighters, and on and on.  A drawstring carry bag is also included for extra portability.  For more information, check them out at

Linda reviews GlassCity’s Stemless Dual-Level Diffuser Plate to Turbine Disc Vapor Tube

Here it is – GlassCity’s Stemless Dual-Level Diffuser Plate to Turbine Disc Vapor tube – the fourth rig of GlassCity’s that I wanted to show you all.  It took me WAY too long to get these reviews out (thanks, crazy life!), but I’m happy to be able to show you guys one more sweet, well-priced piece from GlassCity’s oil rig collection.   This is a cute, short, little stemless with a dual-level diffuser plate consisting of 12 holes around the edge, with a smaller center disc with another 12 holes.  Near the top is a turbine disc with 5 blades that also doubles as an ice catcher., making this a little beast!   All the details can be found on GrassCity’s site here:




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