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Teen Marijuana Use Study Shows No Effects On Brain Tissue

In another study conducted on teen marijuana use, evidence shows no physical effects on brain tissue.  This is just one of many studies coming out that have been continuously hacking away at the myths spread over decades by the government’s various anti-drug organizations and task forces.   Although marijuana should not be smoked by teenagers, as it does have some effect on slowing development, it is a much safer substance to use than tobacco or alcohol, both of with are legal and readily available.

Marijuana has quite a history, watch it on this History Channel documentary

Here is “The History of Marijuana” – a documentary as seen on the History Channel.  I am not sure if I’ve posted this already, but this is a fantastic documentary that I’ve watched a few times now – something great to show anyone you know who may not have all of the right information regarding marijuana!

This doc is about an hour and a half long and here on YouTube in its entirety.  I like this one as it features celebrities chiming in, giving a better look into how most people really use marijuana.

Also, for other documentaries and great videos on cannabis and the history of marijuana, feel free to browse through my page as I have tons of videos!

Marijuana now legal in Washington State

Marijuana is now legal in the state of Washington!  Here’s a short news clip from CNN from December 6th covering the now legal status of the sadly controversial plant.  Washington voters passed legislation that legalized the possession of an ounce of cannabis under state law.

We’ve yet to see how the feds are going to act on this.  All we know for sure is that you can possess it – but you can’t buy it – something that will hopefully be worked out soon!

The second video in this post is another CNN news clip covering the multi-billion dollar potential of the cannabis industry once legalized.  Precedents are going to be set that will determine the course of marijuana for the rest of history.



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