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NJ Governor Chris Christie responds to medical marijuana questions

The ever misinformed and uneducated Chris Christie, governor of NJ, speaks about why the medical marijuana law in New Jersey has taken so long to implement, and mentions that he doesn’t want NJ to become “like Colorado or California where you can get pot for a migraine headache.”  Hey, Governor Christie, you really could stand to take a look at Granny Storm Crow’s List, just saying.

Governor Christie is worried about the children.  What he doesn’t realize is that no law ever prevented a teenager from gaining access to cannabis – in fact, these laws help kids access marijuana at a greater rate than if it were legal.


A little cannabis each day keeps a stroke away!

Check out this news clip from earlier this year. A former heart surgeon speaks on the benefits of cannabis to prevent strokes.

Though the description of the original video mentions “eating a bud a day”, we all know eating straight cannabis is pretty gross, and if anything, you’d have to at least bake it into something 🙂

City of Oakland, CA sues Department of Justice over Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

The city of Oakland moved last week to prevent federal law enforcement from closing its biggest marijuana dispensary, the largest pushback since an aggressive crackdown on California’s booming pot industry began last year.

Oakland sued U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and San Francisco U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag last Wednesday after the Justice Department attempted to seize the building that houses Harborside Health Center, a medical marijuana dispensary that generates more than $1 million in local tax revenue annually.

Medical marijuana has long been under attack, as many of you already know.  State Attorneys in California and other medical marijuana states have launched attacks against many of the state’s largest cannabis dispensaries.  Oakland is done with it – their dispensaries provide good money to the city’s economy, and provides safe access to the high number of MMJ patients in the Oakland area.  Although this video is from FoxNews, which is not really a news station, it does describe what’s going on.

Thanks to IAMHEMP420 for the video.

Linda reviews the Life Saber Vaporizer

I am LOVING my Life Saber Vaporizer. With so many new vapes coming out, it’s clear to see the ones that stand above the rest. The Life Saber Vape is fantastic, versatile, and easy to use. Uses a regular wall outlet, heats up fast and you can use it as a standalone somewhat-portable vaporizer, or even with a tube/bong! The LSV site features many awesome accessories you can use to add onto your medicating experience. The vapor clouds are plenty, and this device really helps you use minimal meds to achieve the best effect.

Check it out at


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