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Obama DEA Has Raided OVER 4 TIMES As Many Medical Marijuana Dispensaries As Bush Did In 8 Years

As much as I would support Obama over Romney – the fact remains that the DEA under this administration has raided over four times as many medical marijuana dispensaries as the DEA under Bush in his entire 8 year term.  This is a direct contradiction of Obama’s promise to leave states alone.  Hopefully, if elected for a second term, we will see more humane treatment of patients and get safer access.  The video goes into it more.  Thanks to

New Jersey’s Medical Marijuana Registry Finally Goes Live!

It’s about time!  After two years of waiting on the State to make a move after NJ residents overwhelmingly voted to pass medical marijuana in the state, the registry has finally gone live!  State Health Commissioner Mary O’Dowd was the center of attention as the much anticipated medical marijuana registry went into action. About 150 doctors around the state who have registered for the program have had access to the website for a couple of months now in order to familiarize themselves with the process. August 13th was the first day potential patients were able to log on.  Although NJ is only allowing patients with debiliating, life-threatening illnesses become patients, we can only hope that future legislation allows ALL patients to participate.

10 Years to Life for Medical Marijuana: The Trial of Aaron Sandusky

This is a great video I found from Reason.TV about Aaron Sandusky.

From the video description: “This is a Constitutional battle, and we’re going to defend our rights,” says Aaron Sandusky, the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary in Upland, California who now faces federal drug trafficking charges even though he was operating within California state law. first profiled Sandusky in late 2011 in the midst of a federal crackdown on marijuana dispensaries across California, which occurred despite repeated promises from the Obama administration to lay off operators compliant with state law (Incidentally, the city of Upland, which initiated the legal action against G3, admitted in court that Sandusky was operating within state law). During the production of that video, Sandusky’s storefront and grow house were raided, his assets seized and his product destroyed. But Sandusky was undeterred and joined a lawsuit with several other dispensary owners, challenging the right of city governments to outright ban dispensaries. After a favorable ruling from an appellate court, Sandusky re-opened, and the city of Upland was powerless to stop him. But the Feds were not happy with this outcome.

Sandusky was arrested and charged with six counts of drug trafficking, some of which could carry a life sentence. He’s spent the last seven weeks in a county prison, just awaiting a bond hearing. He finally was granted bail last Friday and is now out on house arrest, where he awaits an October trial to decide his fate. He agreed to sit down with for an interview to discuss his case, the state of medical marijuana in this country, and why this is a cause for which he’s willing to risk it all.

“If I have to go to jail for 20 years defending this, then so be it,” says Sandusky.

About 6 minutes

Produced by Zach Weissmueller. Camera by Tracy Oppenheimer.

Visit for downloadable versions, and subscribe to ReasonTV’s YouTube Channel to receive notifications when new material goes live.”

Is it Time to Legalize Marijuana? (I’d sure say so.)

This clip is a great segment from Richard French Live – a political commentator who featured the topic of whether it is time to legalize marijuana.  This is a great clip to show anyone interested in the subject.  There is not only lots of money to be made from marijuana/cannabis, but millions of people that it can help medicinally!  LEGALIZE CANNABIS NOW!

Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Program Issues

It seems as though Arizona is experiencing a lot of issues getting their medical marijuana program up and running in the right way.  Check out this news report covering the story – the main issue being that the AZ Attorney General believes federal law trumps state law and that those who won the lottery to open dispensaries may not even be able to.

Chelsea Handler and Wiz Khalifa talk weed

Short, but funny clip of Chelsea Handler and Wiz Khalifa talking about weed.  I knew I loved Chelsea for a reason 😀  Wiz mentions his own strain of weed “Khalifa Kush” – and I wonder what it ACTUALLY is, or if it was bred special.  Who knows?  Either way, keep blazing 🙂


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