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Mitt Romney is uneducated about marijuana

If you elect Mitt Romney as president, you will not see legalized medical marijuana.  His own words.   Scientific evidence supports medical marijuana usage for greater value of life, greater therapeutic and medicinal benefit, as well as an absence of a “gateway” possibility.  I find it amazing (and yet, not surprising) that Mitt would ignore the very recent studies that concluded that it is ALCOHOL that is the gateway drug, not cannabis – and spout lies to his constituents.  Then again, we’re talking about rich politicians.  Logic plays no role in what they do.

Los Angeles City Council Unanimously Votes to Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Thanks to TYT for posting this video —  From the video description:


“In what could be a turning point in the city’s seemingly unending battle to regulate the distribution of medical marijuana, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to ban all pot dispensaries, while also opening the door to possibly let some remain. Under the ban, all of the 762 dispensaries registered in the city will be sent letters ordering them to shut down immediately. Those that don’t comply may face legal action from the city…”.* Is this connected to the federal crackdown from the Obama Administration? Cenk Uygur, Douglas Caballero, and Cara Santa Maria break it down on The Young Turks.

*Read more from Kate Linthicum in the Los Angeles Times:,0,3171935.story

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Linda reviews Ed’s Tote’N Tokes’ Arizer Solo Stems

I am in love with my new Arizer Solo wood stem from Ed’s Tote’N Tokes.  We’ve seen some gorgeous MFLB stems, and now Ed has SOLO STEMS!  In a variety of gorgeous woods, these stems class up your Solo and stay secure in your vape.  These stems also utilize a thin mesh screen to prevent accidental inhalation of plant material.

Overall, these are great – check out the video and then head over to Ed’s site to see all of the fantastic wood stems and other pipes for sale!
Ed’s Tote’N Tokes:

More Studies Requested to Show Link Between Cannabis and Chronic Pain Relief

Cannabis cures, so why are we still arguing over it?

Studies on medical marijuana continue to be made that disprove the reasoning by the DEA to classify cannabis as a Schedule I drug with no medical benefit.  Here is another video discussing how more studies continue to show that cannabis treats chronic pain.  Unfortunately, the individuals reporting the story don’t seem to know all that much about cannabis to the fact that they don’t question WHY IT WAS MADE ILLEGAL.  News flash, news reporters – MARIJUANA WAS NOT MADE ILLEGAL FOR ITS CHEMICAL PROPERTIES!

California Appeals Court says Medical Marijuana dispensaries are LEGAL

Link to Original Article @ –

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A California appeals court has struck down Los Angeles County’s ban on medical marijuana dispensaries.

The 4th District Court of Appeal ruled Monday that because the state’s medical marijuana laws authorize cooperatives and collectives to grow, store and distribute pot, a lower court judge erred when she cited the 2010 ban in granting the county an injunction against the Alternative Medicinal Cannabis Collective last year.

However, the decision does not mean the coast is clear for the Covina dispensary. The Court of Appeal says even though L.A. County can’t outlaw pot shops completely, local lawmakers still can limit where they locate require them to obtain operating permits and business licenses.

Federal prosecutors also have cracked down by moving to seize the building that houses Alternative Medicinal Cannabis.

(From 7/4/2012)

Jon Stewart Criticizes Chris Christie Marijuana Veto Hypocrisy

As a former resident (born and raised!) of New Jersey, I keep my eye on the news there. Recently, Governor Chris Christie vowed to veto a marijuana decriminalization bill that was overwhelmingly passed by the state senate. Jon Stewart skewers the hell out of him. Enjoy!


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