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Linda reviews Delta 9 Vapes’ OMICRON version 2 vaporizer

Hey everyone, I’m back with one of the vaporizer community’s favorite pieces – the Omicron v2. Although I’m not even sure if I’m pronouncing it right, I have to say it is one of the best oil vaporizers I’ve ever used. This is the single, smaller, original oil vape made by Delta 9 Vapes – just as strong and awesome as the Persei, but a little smaller and less expensive. I thoroughly enjoy both vaporizers. No flame, so no accidental combustion – extremely well made and easy to use with your favorite oils!

Check out to order yours and check out the entire selection at

Obama vs. 74% of America on Medical Marijuana


President Obama has turned a complete 180 from his initial comments on medical marijuana back in 2008.    Here’s a discussion about how most of America wants medical marijuana to be legal, yet he continues to ignore us!  I’m saddened to have supported Obama as he has turned out to be one giant liar!

This Video will make all Cannabis Users hate Mitt Romney

Check out this video by The Young Turks featuring an interview with Mitt Romney, in which he says “medical marijuana” is not an important issue and proceeds to exhibit his own ignorance about the cancer-curing miracle plant.   WE NEED TO EDUCATE THESE PEOPLE!

Linda reviews Delta9Vapes’ Persei Vaporizer

Okay, I know I always ooh and aah over all of my trinkets and do-dads, but OMG this thing is ridiculously amazing!  This is Delta9Vapes’ fantastic PERSEI vaporizer.  An extremely portable, extremely efficient concentrate oil vaporizer – for on the go, at home, wherever you feel like using it.  Heats up INSANELY fast and delivers amazing, perfect hits each time.  Check out my video and head over to and to read more info and get one for yourself!

And as always, you can find the rest of my reviews at

Jimmy Kimmel mentions marijuana at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner


Yay, Jimmy!  The more it’s spoken of, the more it’ll be in the public eye – and the more people can’t ignore it anymore!  Cannabis is NOT the terrible, horrible drug so many people are misled to believe it is!


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