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Maryland Hearing on Medical Marijuana

from the video:  “Several dozen people in favor of a medical marijuana bill testified in Annapolis, Maryland. MPP’s Legislative Analyst Dan Riffle was asked about the bill, and the lack of support from the Governor, by WHAG.”

Israel is at the forefront of medical marijuana!

Little known fact – Israel has the highest concentration of medical marijuana patients in the world.  Check out this clip about medical marijuana in Israel

Linda reviews the “Cannabis Sativa” and “Cannabis Indica” Strain Guides (Green Candy Press)

Here’s a little switch-up for you guys! A review for some fantastic BOOKS 🙂 These are the Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa strain guides edited by S.T. Oner with intro by Greg Green, published by Green Candy Press.

These are fantastic guides, chock full of pictures and great information about some strains you may not have heard of before as well as some old favorites! Read about the genetics of each strain as well as some valuable information for growers. This is a must-have for any cannabis fan, and this is just Volume 1!

You can find these on Amazon or check out for more information.

Linda reviews the GlassCity / SNOB collaboration 7mm triple perc stemless bong!

There’s really only one word to describe this beast – EPIC!  I’m simply in LOVE 🙂  I love me some quality glass, and this here is the best bang for my buck that I’ve seen.  Made with high quality Schott Duran glass, this lovely piece features 3 percs (1 UFO perc, 1 cup perc, and a 10-arm tree perc), ice notches, and a great flat base.  Stemless as well for easy medicating.

Want to see more?  Check it out on GrassCity here:

Linda reviews GlassCity’s Double Bubbler scientific glass bubbler LIMITED EDITION

GlassCity just keeps making these awesome pieces and I must say I am super duper excited about them all!  The latest and greatest is this sweet double bubbler featuring a removable showerhead diffuser and built-in flush cut diffuser.  Glass thickness is 5mm, but this piece feels sturdy and strong and features a longer, flat base to prevent tipping over.  These are LIMITED and only 50 are available!  Selling right now for $99 at GrassCity – check it out here:

When We Grow, This is What We Can Do!

This is a FANTASTIC documentary covering all of the bases of cannabis history

From the video:

“When We Grow…This Is What We Can Do” is an educational documentary concerning the facts about cannabis. In this feature length documentary we explore everything there is, from industrial hemp to medicinal cannabis use, from the origins of cannabis prohibition to the legality of growing equipment.
A film by Seth Finegold and presented by Luke Bailey.

Featuring Interviews with:
Professor David Nutt (Head of the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs)
Mr Peter Reynolds (Head of CLEAR UK, formerly the Legalize Cannabis Alliance)
Ms Sarah Martin (Medicinal cannabis patient)

Find out more at:

The DEA admits marijuana cannot kill you.

Yes, it’s true!  And it wasn’t even recently!  Back in 1988, as explained here by The Young Turks, the DEA stated that in order to die from smoking marijuana, you would have to smoke 1500 POUNDS in 15 MINUTES.  Impossible.  Therefore, marijuana CAN NOT KILL YOU!

Marijuana could create over half a billion dollars in tax revenue in Washington State – PER YEAR!

This isn’t surprising!  The government is bleeding out money, and yet they won’t legalize the one thing that can solve those money woes.  Depressing!

Linda reviews the Spillproof Pocket Bubbler from Mutiny Glass Werkz

A spillproof bubbler? Yes, and pocket-sized too! This is a really awesome pipe made by Mutiny Glass Werkz in Portland, OR and sold by Brothers with Glass. I love how easy this piece is to use and that I don’t have to worry about the water spilling out anywhere. Small like a spoon piece, but cools down your hit considerably. I may dare say this is a “must have”. These sell for $65 and you can get yours at or directly to the item page here:

Also in green!:


Use coupon code “weedandbombs” and save 10%!


How did Marijuana Become Illegal?

Great documentary answering a question far too many people never think to ask.  EDUCATE THE MASSES!


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