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Cannabis kills cancer cells

From video description: “This clip is from the recently-aired PBS documentary, ‘Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis,’ which explores the scientifically proven fact that cannabinoids kill cancer cells in test tubes and in laboratory animals.

Cannabinoid receptors exist throughout organs of the human body, especially in the brain and in the immune system. These act like targets for cannabinoids. Once they bind to the receptors, peptides are released that tell the cancer cells to die, i.e., to commit suicide.

One doctor interviewed has been so encouraged by the laboratory results that he has begun cannabis trials with his own leukemia patients.”

National Cancer Institute Acknowledges Medical Benefits Of Marijuana

MSNBC host Cenk Uygur explains how the National Cancer Institute has recognized several possible medical benefits from marijuana use. This could lead to having marijuana reclassified from a Schedule 1 drug down to a Schedule III drug in which case the government could not crack down on medical marijuana shops.
(Thanks to TYT for the upload)

Whoopi Goldberg got high before her Oscar win

I knew there was a reason I liked Whoopi Goldberg…

Why do Humans Desire Marijuana?

This is an interesting documentary (Part 1 of 2, Part 2 is available thru the link as well) showcasing how marijuana is not the harmful plant the government makes it out to be. Another in a line of great documentaries. I believe this is a snippet from a full film.

Howard Marks- Mr Nice (2010 UK Movie)

Check out the movie “Mr. Nice” about the life of famed international cannabis smuggler, Howard Marks – the original “Mr Nice” in it’s entirety on YouTube here!

2 year-old Medical Marijuana patient in Montana

One of Montana’s youngest medical cannabis card holders is Cash Hyde, a 2 ½-year-old boy who battled a brain tumor and won.

Cash’s dad, Michael Hyde, says the drug helped Cash with his battle.

“I believe that, you know, Cash’s with us for a lot of reasons, one of them I would have to say is the power of prayer, one he’s a walking miracle and the other one is he is a patient of medical cannabis, which has I think greatly benefited his battle,” said Hyde.


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