Linda reviews Pulsar Vaporizer’s portable APX vaporizer

I think I’ve found my new favorite in Pulsar’s APX vaporizer. This thing is super portable, heats up super fast, ACTUALLY vaporizes without combusting herb, and is ridiculously affordable. I’m seriously just… in awe. All you need is a little bid of herb to get you really medicated – and even after many bowls, this vaporizer doesn’t burn a thing!

This vaporizer also comes with a tank for vaping wax and oil, but unfortunately I didn’t have anything to use for that right now so I’ll have to post an update at a later time to show how that part works – I’m very excited to test that out – but for just dry herb – this thing is flawless.

Most of the vaporizers I’ve tried have been poor performing and combust at higher temperatures. When I say this is the only one that really hasn’t done that over much use, I am dead serious. Of course, there are others I have not tried yet – but right now, for the price, the APX vaporizer is my top pick. Check it out and go get one for yourself at

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Linda reviews the Piecemaker Kazili pipe

These awesome, flexible pipes are Piecemaker “Kazili” pipes made from food grade silicone and stainless steel. These sell for around $20 and are perfect travel pipes you don’t have to worry about breaking or damaging! They all have a neat little spillproof lid and a stainless steel bowl, making it easy to clean as well!

Check out their full selection over at

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Linda reviews the QuickGrinder v3

I swear, the QuickGrinder really is the easiest, fastest grinder I’ve ever used. I got this from my pal Joaquin over at Kayavigo – and I’m in love with it! Two push buttons open the grinder as well as push out your ground up herbs. The prongs that grind the herb aren’t sharp, but shred right through. This is an amazingly well-built grinder that sells for around $30 US over at — they also have some other great stuff you should check out!

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Linda reviews a Bio Hazard Standard Straight Tube from SmokeFox

Check out this beautiful 12 inch tube from Bio Hazard glass! This piece arrived from – a fantastic site with a nice variety of great glass

This particular pipe is a beautiful short tube with a diffused downstem and an ice catcher above the joint. The bowl size is your standard 14mm and this piece is well worth the price.

Check out my review and then head over here to see more about the piece and all of SmokeFox’s other items:

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Linda reviews the Nectar Collector V3 from

Here’s my review for the Nectar Collector V3 from, and wow does it hit hard!

I like to call this a “dab straw”. Basically, load concentrates in the dish, heat up the nail at the tip and take a huge dab!

Specs and info are on here:

Despite what the link says, it’s actually on sale for $39.99, which is a pretty damn good deal for a monster dabbing tool.

Linda reviews the Atmos Vicod Portable Vaporizer

This here is the super portable Atmos Vicod vaporizer, which I got from, a great site for vapes and smoking accessories. This awesome device has advanced temperature settings, an increased airflow design, high capacity Li-Polymer batteries, and a high grade stainless steel heating chamber. This is a great portable vaporizer that really does vape well. (I didn’t show in the video, but the end result was brown, not black!)

You can find this on for a little under $100. Go check it out!

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Linda reviews the Trickster Vape Pen from Envy Cigs

You’re looking at the Trickster vape pen in all of it’s stealthy glory.  This is a fantastic concentrate vaporizer that is actually a pen!  Yes, it really writes and no, nobody is going to know it’s packed with dabs!

This is put out by the lovely people at Envy cigs and they have a lot of awesome little vaporizers and mods for e-cigs as well.  From what I’m told, you can also drip e-juice with the e-juice attachment.  Unfortunately, I moved a lot of my stuff around at home and can’t locate the extras that were included (all in the theme of “stealth” – a disco ball stash keychain, a silicone key fob stash, etc…) but there’s so much great stuff on their site, you should check them out!

Here’s a linky to the Trickster pen – it’s actually on sale right now, 50% off – showing $49.95 as of the date of this posting.

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Linda reviews the IMAG+ Vaporizer – IMAG PLUS, Imag +

Here’s my review of the IMAG+ vape. This is a portable vaporizer that actually works pretty well! No combustion occurred even on the highest setting. It’s a great little $120 vape you can find on I’m not sure what portable vaporizer this one adopts its style from, but it’s a decent Chinese replica if you’re looking to save a little money on a vaporizer from a brand other than the major names.

Linda reviews Grav Labs’ Gravitron Gravity Bong

Hey guys! Here’s my review for the Grav Labs Gravitron gravity bong. First, I want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE! Here’s my last review of the year and this piece will kick your butt.

I snagged mine for a sweet $64 at — it’s a little over a foot tall and packs a punch. I, of course, have a mishap in my video, as I have totally not mastered this thing yet.

As you can tell from my last review, I love Grav Labs and they continue put out awesome pieces – check out more on SmokeCartel!

You can also save 7% off your order with coupon code “LINDAREVIEWS”

Here’s the direct link to this piece:

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Linda reviews a Grav Labs Helix straight tube

I’ve always wanted to get my hands on a Helix tube to review and I finally have one! I snagged this one from a fantastic online headshop over at They have an awesome selection of great glass pieces for great prices. It’s possible these will sell out, especially with the holidays here, but they will be back very soon if the site says “SOLD OUT”

You can also save 7% off your order with coupon code “LINDAREVIEWS” 😀 Go get yourself an early holiday present! :)

Here’s the direct link to this piece:

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